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Duo Simulacra
30 April 2009 @ 01:12 am
Well, think of me as that annoying person at dinner who keeps changing their mind as to what they'll have for supper—that's right, I changed my mind. I want to finish at least one of my series, I'm still not all that in love with the idea of fanfiction anymore, but I love writing, and I miss it. if anyone who reads this is interested in re-reading kazoku, or in keeping an eye on everything I put back up and any updating that goes on, go ahead and add the community I created:


Everything will be posted there, since I don't feel like putting anything else to do with writing on this journal. I'm revising a lot of my oldest chapters, at the moment, but then everything will be up.

You know, if anyone is interested.
Duo Simulacra
22 February 2009 @ 01:18 pm
There is no easy way to say this.
I've erased all my stories, all the ones that mattered to me in some way.

There were a few reasons for doing this but I don't know how to explain them adequately. I don't want to write fanfiction anymore, I don't want to write what I think everyone will like and I don't want to rely on feedback like I had been doing before now. They seem like stupid reasons for stopping; maybe they are, especially because I left so many things unfinished. There were some stories that I really felt merited something and I now feel guilty for suffocating the characters I wrote with identities that were never really theirs, anyway. Maybe the reason I never actually, really tried writing a novel was because it was too comfortable here, with a more or less steady stream of feedback to assure me that what I was writing was not really as bad as I thought. I'm not so sure this is as big a deal as I think it is, though, because these stories were just entertainment for some of you and probably were not taken as seriously as I took them.

But, there you have it. I'm done with this. Maybe I'll write a book, maybe I'll never write again; I suppose it depends on me and whether or not I have the determination to actually finish something on that grand a scale. I'm grateful to everyone who encouraged me, and if you ever happened to enjoy anything I wrote or if you happened to feel connected to one of my characters, moved by something that was going on, I'm thankful. Some stories are meant to be entertaining but others, well, we just hope they'll mean something, in the end. So, here's a thank you and a sorry--there's not much more to say.
Duo Simulacra
09 January 2009 @ 07:44 pm
I suppose I feel that this is warranted considering that I rarely update this LJ anymore--I'm hitting a bit of a dry spot with my writing and it's probably related to having to focus on many things at once and being really tired most of the time. I have a not-so-small obsession with my study of the Japanese language and I guess that's starting to take up most of the extra time I would usually devote to writing. I get in a writing-mood now and again and I certainly haven't simply begun drawing blanks when it comes to the respective plots of my four series but I felt the need, I guess, to simply say that if anyone was getting annoyed with my lack of updates, you can blame university for being time-consuming, Japanese for being awesome and most of all, me, for being a huge procrastinator.

I apologize to those friends who I used to actually keep up with on this LJ ^^" If you want to reach me at my new one, please feel free to send me an annoyed message and I'll tell you what it's called. That one is updated with my boring daily life so... yeah. XD And hey--I actually check my f-page because it's less cluttered. I'm so much nicer now! :D

I guess I'm just saying that my fiction updates are going to be really sporadic or nonexistant for a while because of uni and other things. I'm not sure why I feel I'm so important that I have to announce all this... lolwhut. Oh, and... just a few more days until VANDALIZE is released! I'm so excited! :D
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Duo Simulacra
13 December 2008 @ 12:30 am

I know it's huge, but so is the volume of Nao's awesomeness.
Nao needs more love. ♥
(I should be posting an update but I just haven't been very inspired lately--hopefully I'll have some updates by the end of the weekend!)
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Duo Simulacra
28 November 2008 @ 09:18 am
I have to say it:
Nightmare's new song, Naked Love, is faking amazing.
I listened to it once and now I'm just addicted; the beat and guitar-work in it is phenomenal. Much like be bueried, I prefer the verses to the chorus (somethin' like that) and just.. wow, guys... I'm blown away. It's awesome. I have to listen to it again; it's just so good! I also listened to gazette's LEECH, finally, which was pretty catchy, too, but I think I like Naked Love better.

Watch the PV [ here ]
It's just pwnage. ohgawdthissongisgood :D

Days until VANDALIZE comes out: ~48   :DD
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Duo Simulacra
15 November 2008 @ 08:20 am
So, during my Japanese study group, my friends and I were just goofing off after spending an hour or more practicing all the kanji we knew on the board. Anyway, after a discussion of Haiku, one of the guys decided to write one on the board. And all hell broke loose. Here are two that I wrote:

I'm sorry I couldn't get Rainbows or &sodomy in there. XD

I lol'd so hard writing this one.

More crap under the cut...Collapse )
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Duo Simulacra
12 November 2008 @ 08:16 am

Well, I'm finally done--my new layout, that is. Its design changed about five billion times throughout the last few days, simply because I couldn't decide on the layout's header. I didn't change much in terms of style and simply played around with the font type and the layout's colors, a bit. I think the last time I changed layouts was back in August--wow.
Anyway, the header, here, took at least three hours or more, mostly because I 'burned' the edges by hand because my image program fails. I had to do it twice because the original header had pices of burned paper on it instead. that conveyed the sentiment of the header better, but it ended up not looking very harmonious when I put it up. Oh, lookit me, babbling away. XD

The text (Once upon a time... anyone and no one found eachother but that's not the end their picture burned) was inspired by a poem by Cummings that I read recently and liked a fair bit. My new friends-only banner was... just an excuse to use that gorgeous picture of Leader-sama. XD
Now I'll try to get working on some real updates. ^^"

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Duo Simulacra
05 November 2008 @ 08:42 pm
This is probably pretty unoriginal as macros go, but I thought it was vaguely appropriate to post now, considering recent events. It's a little old. Oh well. XD

I think I'll stick to alice nine. macros. XD
Duo Simulacra
01 November 2008 @ 04:16 pm
unna_rainchaser  asked if I had the 2008 NHK live performance of alice nine. (Velvet, RAINBOWS, ZERO) and I do so I'll just put the download links here so that if anyone else is missing the videos, they can take 'em. There are two links--one is a zip file of the .mp4 versions, the other of the .avi versions... don't get excited because they're all low-quality youtube rips. XD
Bah. I wish someone would have recorded and upped high-quality versions of Velvet and ZERO. Atleast the tour DVD is out now... XD

[ NHK performance .mp4 zip file ]
NHK performance .avi zip file ]
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Duo Simulacra
20 October 2008 @ 07:52 pm

visual_ken  told me I should do it. XD
Here it is...

Rules: Randomly pick 12 Jrockers then answer the following questions
I choose...
1. Shou
2. Nao
3. Ruka
4. Keiyuu
5. Yomi
6. Hiroto
7. Asagi
8. Tora
9. Sakito
10. Hitsugi
11. Saga
12. Kai


All the craziness under here...Collapse )
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